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Here you and your loved ones have a good dinner and a good life.


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  We are focusing on bringing people from online to offline. We want people walk out of the door and connect with others. We want our people to have more time to enjoy dinner but not the time prepare for it. We want people like cooking to be free from the 9-to-5 day job and make their places the social hubs in their communities. 

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A healthy lifestyle with good quality food is the key element to our happy life. Bring the goodness to the community, host a dinner for them. Put a reasonable price to it and make a living on it.

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Our hosts are hunting for the best ingredients from farms market or from their own garden.

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When uploading a meal, there is a place to record our detail address. It is needed as people want to know where to go for the dinner. But wait. We do not want everyone to know where we are hosting the dinner event
Good food good life, Celtuce is usually harvested at a length of around one foot long or less. It has a diameter of around one to one and a half inch. It is crisp, moist, and mildly flavored. I would like to
I would like to introduce this beautiful Po melon. It is one of the common Chinese vegetables. The taste of it will be different depending on how we cook it. I like Po because it is easy to prepare, inexpensive and

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